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"I clean dirty implementations"

Companies hire me when they are frustrated that their investment in Salesforce.com is not being realised, and their staff are emotionally disconnected from it. In essence, they are experiencing either an incomplete or “dirty implementation”. I clean dirty Salesforce.com implementations, and manage the evolution of a companies Salesforce.com system.

why what how

When I start working with a new client, I start with the Why, What, How. Then I make improvements that are released once a month.

So If I was working with you, we would kick off with a 2 hour workshop (that I repeat with with you every 3 months), which establishes the roadmap for your Salesforce.com system, In particular you get these outcomes;

Why - alignment between your system and your company strategy.
What - a list of Initiatives to deliver on your strategy.
How - the roadmap of improvements to be made gradually over time.
I then take this information after the workshop and expand it into system “features” and “user stories” that talk about what you want the system to do for its users in plain language.

monthly releases

Once you and I are clear on the why, what & how its just a matter of doing. I’ll work very closely with you and your team to bundle up system improvements into monthly system updates. I’ve found that one month is the perfect amount of time to create meaningful changes without disorientating the users. It gives them enough time to get used to the new updates before the next round of improvements are made.

watch me work

I think nearly everyone can agree that Evolution works. It has for billions of years, and you could says It’s the original successful methodology. I take the same approach. Small Gradual changes get packaged up into “User Stories” prioritised, worked on, tested by real users as that need to prove they are useful, before they get released to everyone.

always on track

As I am working on your Salesforce.com system, my progress is tracked live so you can report internally into your company stakeholders anytime about the alignment of the “why, what, how” of your Salesforce.com system improvements.

back story

I got totally hooked on technology when I began my “Electronic Weapons Systems Apprenticeship” with Australian Defence Industries. 26 years on and I still catch myself been amazed at great technology, that’s what I love about it... it surprises me.

I’ve always being passionate about helping people. I like understanding people and I like the differences in them. I think that’s what keeps bringing me back to technology, it’s like a language that helps people to communicate better and faster, essentially creating great teams.

Is there a process to my work? Yes. I combine a staged approach when organising my milestones, and since I deal with many moving parts at a time to clean up large systems, my daily work is more of a random, do what ever it takes approach to deliver clients Salesforce.com system milestones.

Being on the front line of technology is a privilege, and as a translator of it, what I do is less about technology, and more about helping great teams, to get stuff done, that’s my job, and thats what I really love.

I'm here to help

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